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The Textile Arts of Mexico Chloe Sayer Tuesday 22 January 2019

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Chloe is a freelance specialist in the art and culture of Latin America and has lectured in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Has curated exhibitions, and assisted on TV documentaries for BBC and Channel 4. Has made collections in Mexico and Belize for the British Museum, and is Research Associate in the Department of World Cultures at the Royal Ontario Museum. In 2016 she was awarded the prestigious Ohtli medal by the Mexican government for her long-standing commitment to Mexican culture. 

The vitality of Mexican textiles is unsurpassed anywhere in the Americas. Almost five centuries have passed since the Spanish Conquest, yet Mexico is still home to more than fifty Native peoples. Many wear highly distinctive costumes, and use textile skills inherited from the ancient civilisations of the Aztec and the Maya.


Today the arts of spinning, dyeing and weaving are practised in hundreds of rural communities. Cloth may be elaborately brocaded or gauze-woven on the backstrap loom to resemble lace. Colonisation brought new materials such as wool, an increased emphasis on embroidery, and new techniques such as treadle-loom weaving and beadwork. The Mexican sense of design and colour is dazzling.